Here's what our clients are saying:

Lori S. - Ellsworth, IL

We are thankful that we were able to find Basha and for the help that she has provided for our dyslexic child! Our child has struggled to decode sounds, which impacted her ability to read and spell. We had been told over and over again that "some kids are just not good spellers," but I always felt there was something more than just poor spelling. I finally realized, after too many years of trying to find help at school, that we needed to do this on our own. Through Google, we found Basha. She evaluated our child and has been re-teaching her to read using the Orton-Gillingham, also known as Structured Literacy, method. We feel like we found someone who finally "gets" it - what was going on in our child's brain!!! We are thankful for her help and excited to see the light-bulbs as the English language FINALLY starts to make sense.

Kim A. - Bloomington, IL

"Since starting the reading program with Basha, Brady has become a new child. Brady was in the third grade and was reading at a first grade level. He cried over reading, called himself stupid, and was made fun of at school. After the initial testing which confirmed our suspicions of Dyslexia, Brady immediately began working with Basha and her dedicated staff. Within a month, we saw improvement. This year he entered the fourth grade and is reading at grade level. We can see improvements not only in school, but in his confidence as well. Brady continues with the program and constantly is amazing us with his new found talents. Our family is truly blessed to have found such a wonderful program in our community."

Don D. - Bloomington, IL

"Before attending the services provided by Basha, my son Jesse had trouble understanding sentences and had very little expressive vocabulary.. Basha worked individually with Jesse to accommodate his needs. I noticed vast progress in a short period of time. Within months, he results were amazing! She worked with him in the class, and gave him exercises to do at home with me. Friends and family noticed the improvement in Jesse as well! I am so thankful for the dedication and commitment from Basha. Jesse is improving every day and we are currently taking therapy with Basha. I couldn't imagine Jesse going anywhere else. There is no better service I know; I have tried them. Jesse continues to do well and work hard with the guidance of the staff. We set goals together and meet them. I am forever grateful and cannot express my gratitude enough. She is committed and enthusiastic. This is exactly what Basha should be doing!"

Dana - Bloomington, IL

"Our daughter enjoyed her time with her teacher. She looked forward to reaching goals and being rewarded for hard work. She made noticeable improvements in her reading and that has resulted in better grades at school. I think she also learned how to break things down into smaller goals so she wasn't overwhelmed. Her teacher did an excellent job of encouraging and praising her. This built her self esteem up and allowed her to feel more confident at school. I'm so thankful we made such a wonderful connection with our daughter's teacher. And I'm thankful we found the help she needed. I know that they are there if we need them again."

Lori R. - Heyworth, IL

"Have you ever been told your child needs to be retained because she needs 'more time'? I was told this by my daughter's kindergarten teacher, and again in 1st grade As a parent this confused me, as I already provided her more time with tutoring in kindergarten. Then in 1st grade I worked with the school to have her in Title I reading (small group setting) 5 days a week, in addition tutoring with her teacher after school 3 days a week (again at my expense). But again, the 1st grade teacher recommended 'retention'- she felt she just needs more time? More time- so additional one-on-one tutoring wasn't giving her more time? I knew then something needed to be done, I began researching and that's when I found out about Basha! Basha quickly provided me with the knowledge and information I needed to get my daughter the proper help! Riley was diagnosed with moderate to severe dyslexia as well as an audio discrimination processing problem. She is sincere, professional and most of all 'put the kids 1st'!! Basha helped me implement a 504 Plan with the necessary accommodations to help Riley be more successful in school. Basha and her staff go out of their way to teach, help and making the learning process fun! Riley has been going now for almost a year at 3 days a week- her confidence and self esteem has improved significantly! Now in 2nd Grade, for the first time ever Riley received passing grades!"

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